Versatile Hot Chocolate - 30 PACK Nespresso©


This versatile lactose and gluten free hot chocolate is blended from the finest ingredients to produce a smooth, creamy, velvety chocolate that just melts in the mouth. 

For those Mocha aficionado, this capsule is your starting point! One generous shot of an espresso  coffee capsule together with a short shot of Hot Chocolate will produce the creamiest of mochas. As chocolate is the dominant flavour, use less chocolate and more coffee.

Share with your children, grandchildren and all kids around you the experience of your coffee break with this delicious hot chocolate ! Or you can all enjoy together this exceptional Hot Chocolate. Also great for all non coffee drinker adults!

Alternatively you can also drink your Chocolate cold, just extract over Ice, and add cold milk for a delicious alternative!

Here is one of our unusual smoothie recipe, Chocolavocado. Blend together, one shot of Hot Chocolate, half an avocado and 40ml of milk, soy or almond milk. Enjoy! 


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